Yale Smart Locks

Smart locks from Yale

Yale features several smart locks with unique designs to suit all your security requirements. Despite their differences, they all have the ability to provide more access control for your doors and guarantee peace of mind for your property’s security. Several of these products are mostly electrical and mechanical based with some that can be locked via your phone. For Example, the Yale Conexis L1 smart door lock is a digital product that allows access through a smartphone app, key fob, phone tag or key card. This is one of the many keyless options from Yale that can be found in our digital lock section.

Types of Yale Smart Locks

  • Yale keyless digital locks- The Yale keyless digital lock provides security and control through its touchscreen and remote access features. Connecting to a smart home system gives you the ability to allow or restrict access to your home for individuals you may or may not trust. This lock does not require the use of a traditional key and will instead respond to its corresponding key card, key tag, remote fob or smartphone with the appropriate home system app. With all these options, it is very unlikely you will lose access to your doors. This keyless lock is easy to install and features enhanced encryption and a tamper alarm for additional security.    


  • Yale keypads- The Yale smart keypad is another highly secure keyless option that provides an abundance of access control via the Yale app. Through your smartphone, you can create codes unique to any individual who requires access to your property. This system also allows you to monitor keypad usage via the app’s activity feed, this determines who has locked and unlocked your doors. The product requires no keys and is compatible with the Yale Linus smart lock. 


  • Yale Conexis L1 smart lock- The Yale Conexis L1 smart lock is a highly secure BSI (British Standard Institute) approved keyless option with access control via the app. This product includes numerous features that are also used by the keyless digital lock such as its smartphone/key fob access, battery power and internal tampering alarm. Access permission and restriction is controlled through the Yale app which ensures only certain individuals can enter your property.  


  • Yale Z-Wave module- The Yale Z-wave module is compatible with the Yale Conexis L1 and keyless digital locks. When connected to the Z-wave home automation system, it provides you with the ability to control access to your home for trusted individuals and ensures your security without the use of traditional keys. You can also set schedules for certain individuals to enter your property and lock or unlock your doors remotely via the app.  


Yale smart locks at Meridian Security Systems


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