Yale Door Keys

Keys from Yale

Yale supplies a variety of locks for multiple security uses, such as locking your home, protecting your buildings and saving your bike from theft or damage. As such, these locks require suitable keys for locking and unlocking purposes. Some Yale key types can share similarities but just like the locks they correspond to, they are unique in their design. For example, when searching for Yale replacement keys or additional Yale keys for your door, you will find two distinctive kinds known as the Yale Platinum key and the Yale Superior key. Both examples are similar but they differ in terms of the locks they are suited for and the cut, it all depends on the lock you are using.  

What is a platinum Yale platinum key?


The Yale Platinum key is specially cut via a code to suit Yale’s 3-star platinum euro cylinder, a lock that is highly certified by the British standard institute and reinforced against bumping, drilling and picking. To find out more about Yale locks, please read ‘Types of Yale Locks’ and browse our range today. The code for cutting this particular key is unique to this brand as it is split into 3 levels that are categorised as D, E and F. Yale door keys are created this way because the pattern is divided into 3 sections which all correspond to the cylinder’s complex internal mechanism, this process adds to the many highly secure qualities of Yale locks. At Meridian Security systems, we can cut extra or replacement Yale Platinum keys via your code using compatible blanks and state-of-the-art machinery. Simply input your D, E and F codes in our Yale platinum key cutting page and remember to select a safe alternative address for your keys to be delivered. 


What is so superior about a Yale Superior Key?


Like the platinum key, Yale Superior keys are cut from code to suit a highly secure euro-cylinder lock that is reinforced against bumping, drilling and picking. Since this lock also uses an advanced pin tumbler mechanism, its key will require the right cut to accommodate the design. Two major distinctions between this key and the Yale platinum key is the lack of comfort grip and the code level names. The Yale superior key is cut from a code divided into groups of A, B and C whilst the platinum key is D, E and F. The two merely help to distinguish between the key types, one is for the superior key and the other is for the platinum. Meridian Security Systems can cut Yale superior keys using the same process as the platinum version. You need only enter your codes on our Yale superior key cutting page and we will create additional/replacement keys to be delivered at a secure address. 


Yale Keys at Meridian Security Systems


At Meridian Security Systems, we supply a wide range of hardware to suit all of your security needs. If you visit our Key cutting page, remember to click the Yale link to find great choices on products that add so much protection to your property. Browse our site to find an abundance of Yale locks and keys at great prices. We also offer free standard UK delivery for purchases over £55. Call us now at 0113 259 1538 or find us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.