Why choose an outdoor post box?

Our outdoor postbox range includes a number of designs that are not only suitable for protecting your post but also adding a little extra style to your property. At Meridian Security Systems, we have an extensive list of post-boxes in a variety of shapes and colours that compliment your outdoor space whilst storing and securing your mail from theft and weather damage. 


Our outdoor postboxes


Many of our outdoor post boxes are designed to protect up to C4 envelopes with their strong weather resistant structure and straightforward lock and key mechanism. A variety of designs can come in galvanised steel or high-quality plastic with some featuring 100% corrosion resistance which makes these postbox options perfect for outdoor use. The lock is secure to protect your important mail and many choices in our list include an outward opening letter flap for easy posting. Large boxes, like the Sterling Avon postbox, are big enough to accommodate C5 envelops, this example includes a rear post slot, side opening mail access door and a powder-coated galvanised steel body.


BURG-WACHTER outdoor postboxes


BURG-WACHTER outdoor postboxes are some of the most stylish products available in our collection. If you browse for our range of postboxes, you will notice their smooth curved design and bright colours in blue, red, black, maroon, grey, white, silver and green. These products are typically designed with high-quality plastic with weather and corrosion resistance, but if you prefer, Meridian offer their stainless steel options for those who are looking for a smooth shiny finish. 


Sterling outdoor postboxes


Sterling features a variety of outdoor postboxes including those large enough to suit C5 envelopes. Like BURG-WACHTER, they come in a variety of designs and colours but many of them are built with powder-coated galvanised steel for weather and corrosion resistance. The material makes the product long-lasting and ideal for outdoor usage.


  • Sterling classic- With its curvy design and various colours, the sterling classic option is one of the many stylish postboxes in our collection. Its galvanised steel corrosion resistant body and secure lock are what makes it another great product for securing your mail and providing protection against theft or weather damage.


  • Sterling compact- The sterling compact, as its name suggests, possesses are formal yet effective compact design that is more than suitable to protect mail as large as C4. 


  • Sterling Avon- This is one of Sterling’s larger options that share the same qualities as the classic and Elegance. The major difference with this product is its size which makes it suitable for storing and protecting C5 envelopes. 


Outdoor postboxes at Meridian Security Systems


At Meridian Security Systems, we supply a wide range of hardware to suit all of your security needs. If you visit our postboxes page, remember to click the outdoor postboxes link to find great choices on products that add so much protection for your important mail. Browse our site to find an abundance of post boxes and additional post box keys at great prices. We also offer free standard UK delivery for purchases over £55. Call us now at 0113 259 1538 or find us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.