What makes a good home safe?

When it comes to protecting your most valuable possessions, you may require a safe well-equipped to securely store items such as finances, irreplaceable belongings and important documents. A quality home safe must have a strong steel structure reinforced against attacks intended to dismantle it. The safe's locking system is another primary factor, a digital or traditional combination safe should be built to ensure that only you have access. Some modern safes take this a step further by using biometric security, specifically finger scanners. Your chosen home safe ultimately depends upon the scale or quantity of the items you wish to protect, many safes available come in numerous shapes and designs to meet your security requirements.

Digital safes

In this modern age, you are more likely to come across a digital safe than one with a traditional turn dial. This option is favoured by most based on its straightforward interface and added level of security, an electronic lock is considerably more difficult to crack as the bolts respond only to a digital code. Inputting a minimum of 4 digits on an electronic interface is simpler and more time-efficient for the owner so long as the code is memorised.

Fireproof safes

As well as theft, your home and personal effects can be vulnerable to fire. But do not worry, as there are a wide variety of safes designed to withstand large amounts of heat and damages caused by a sudden blaze. For example, in our range, we feature fire-resistant safes that provide 30-minute or 60-minute protection against fire depending on what you purchase. A good choice would be the BURG-WACHTER metallic silver key locking diplomat fire safe which guarantees up to 60 minutes of protection against fire. This option features fire protective concrete and an intumescent door seal designed to swell in the presence of fire and prevent smoke and heat from damaging the contents.

Freestanding safes

There is a convenient amount of flexibility when it comes to freestanding safes, specifically in terms of installation. With this option, you commonly have a choice of fixing your safe to either the wall, floor or both. With a freestanding safe for Meridian Security, you are supplied with fixings to help install onto your chosen surface, popular choices also include a fixing kit, instructions and two keys.

Cupboard safes

As a discrete hiding spot, a cupboard is an ideal option for concealing a safe. Safes designed for this location are typically small to medium for convenient storage. Like with freestanding safes, we supply fixings for this option if needed.

Laptop safes

For those who manage everyday life online, a laptop can be the most precious item in your home. As such, you will require a quality safe to keep it secure. Most laptop safes are built with enough width to accommodate the size and shape of the device, there should be enough height to fit other items such as computer accessories or another laptop. The laptop safes found at Meridian Security are freestanding with additional security features such as an anti-drill plate in the door frame and a mechanical emergency override. We even feature a laptop safe with a finger scan module for extra protection.

Key safes

Keys are just as valuable as your jewellery, watches and laptop and fortunately, there is a better way of protecting them than using a draw or key rack. For a small group of keys, you can find combination safes that are compact and discrete. They are particularly useful for storing spare keys on the outside of your home, this makes a small key safe a more secure alternative to hiding your additional door key. If you have a large sum of keys that you are looking to protect, you could use a hook key cabinet safe which is designed to store multiple keys at once.

Gun safes

For licensed and responsible gun owners, the thought of a firearm ending up in the wrong hands can be overwhelming. The best option to prevent such a scenario is a quality safe, specifically, one that can be fixed to your home and comes with a highly secure locking system. Common available gun safes are longer than your average safe to accommodate the length of a rifle or shotgun. For example, the BURG-WACHTER electronic combination and finger scan ranger I/8EFS gun safe from Meridian features enough space to fit multiple guns that do not exceed the maximum height of 1220mm or 1241mm (without shelf). There are also additional shelves for storing ammo and other possessions. When purchasing a safe intended to store firearms, please remember to check if the product meets UK government guidelines for the safety and protection of yourself and others.

A home safe from Meridian

At Meridian Security, we supply a wide range of safes to suit all your security needs and protect your property. If you are looking for a quality home safe, please browse our range to find security products built to store and secure large and small valuables from theft and fire damage. We also offer free standard UK delivery for purchases over £55. Call us now at  0113 259 1538 or find us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.