What is an Asec door latch?

Asec brand locks

Asec manufactures a variety of locks that help to improve your home and building security. From night latches to three-star euro cylinders, you can find a number of locks to suit your needs and protect your property. At Meridian Security, we supply a wide range Asec products with various locking and unlocking capabilities. If you browse our extensive range of locks, digital locks and hardware, you will find a number of Asec security items to choose from such as turn cylinders, steel cash boxes and, of course, door latches.

A door latch is an Internal or external mechanism that is designed to hold a door shut and keep it locked and secure. Common examples possess a metal case, lockable handle and a deadlock mechanism. An Asec door latch can come in a number of colours and designs depending on its material and functionality. From our selection, you will find a number of tubular mortice latches that are widely used for most internal doors. In polished brass or zinc, this range can include all the components you will need to install such as a matching striking plate and a choice of two keeps depending on whether to not you select an Asec latch or an Asec urban latch. An ideal example of a quality latch would be the Asec satin chrome 64mm mortice tubular latch as this product features an adjustable striking plate that prevents the door from rattling. 

If you are looking for a latch that provides an extra level of security then Asec also includes products such as the auto deadlocking night latch and roller bolt night latch. Available with a polished brass or chrome finish, the deadlocking latch is one of the most secure products Asec has to offer. As its name suggests, the product is designed to automatically deadlock after the door is closed or through the use of its key. This feature ensures the lock is only accessible via the appropriate key and cannot be breached by the forced entry methods of pushing and slide attacks. This added level of security is what makes this product one of Asec’s most popular choices. The roller bolt night latch does not possess this feature but that does not make it any less of a reliable product. The lock is designed to be suitable for push/pull action and prevents accidental lockout, it also features a locking cylinder that can come in chrome or brass. Asec deadlocking latches come with an integral cylinder pull which reinforces the lock against drilling. They are ideal for solid and glass panelled wooden inward opening doors and the cylinder also has over 30,000 cut key differs. Sizes can vary from latch to latch and we supply all fixings and keeps for products such as this. There are multiple latches to choose from and they are all capable of improving your home security via your doors. If you are interested in any other brands we sell, please read "Why choose a Union door latch?" and "How secure is a Yale door latch?". 

A door latch from Meridian 

At Meridian Security Systems, we supply a wide range of Asec hardware to suit all of your security needs. Please view our latches page to find Asec products such as the zinc plated 76mm bolt through tubular mortice latch and the Kite BS auto deadlocking night latch. Browse our site to find an abundance of latches to match your chosen door and discover popular trusted brands such as Asec, Yale and Union. We also offer free standard UK delivery for purchases over £55. Call us now at 0113 259 1538 or find us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.