What is a cylinder key?

A cylinder key is simply a key designed to unlock a cylinder lock. As cylinder locks are more modern and sought-after, there is a higher demand for cylinder keys compared to traditional keys.

What types of cylinder keys are there?

Considering there are numerous brands that feature cylinder locks, there are many cylinder keys to go with them. In our range, we supply keys from brands such as Yale, Avocet ABS, Garrison, Abus and Meridian Security's own. Most of these brands produce different cylinders for better functionality and security, these differences often reflect on the keys made to unlock them. For example, the Avocet ABS 3-star euro cylinder is renowned for its complex internal pin-tumbler mechanism. The key cut for this ABS lock is specially designed to fit the pins that manoeuvre the lock's reinforced cam. If you look at an ABS cylinder key, you will notice that the patterns on the surface are circular. The same applies to Yale's 3-star platinum euro cylinders, except the locking parts are quite different and therefore so are the key's patterns.

How are cylinder keys cut?

Cylinder keys are cut using key blanks, pattern information that corresponds to the lock and special machinery capable of cutting the key into the right shape. Some keys differ from brand to brand and their patterns reflect the locks they are intended for. For example, the surface of an ABS key is cut with circular patterns to suit the Avocet ABS pin-tumbler mechanism. Most modern cylinder keys require a code to be cut a certain way. On our ABS key cutting page, you will find a section that requests a code input for new ABS keys to be cut.

Where can I get a cylinder key cut?

A security centre or hardware shop that specialises in key cutting services can cut additional or replacement keys from your specifications. Meridian Security, for example, can produce new keys from a number of popular lock and key brands.

Cylinder keys from Meridian

At Meridian Security, we cut a variety of cylinders keys from popular brands such as ABS, Yale and Garrison Security. Search our cylinder key page and find the keys you need cutting. We also offer free standard UK delivery for purchases over £55. Call us now at 0113 259 1538 or find us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.