What are euro-cylinder locks?

The wonders of euro-cylinder locks

The Euro-cylinder lock is often referred to as the ‘pin tumbler lock’ and is traditionally used to secure properties with front and back doors as well as multiple interior doors within office and accommodation blocks. The inner workings of the euro-cylinder are held in place by a single screw and can successfully lock and unlock a door through a rotatable cam in the centre of the lock. Common examples that are available in-store or online come in either the traditional two-way interior and exterior locking system or the thumb turn option that requires a key from only the outside. Out of many other lock options, the euro-cylinder became the most popular due to its reliability and versatility. As many will likely know already, the euro-cylinder lock holds the key to excellent security and installation convenience, but what makes it one of the most favourable choices amongst door makers, locksmiths and homeowners?


The advantages of a euro-cylinder lock


The euro-cylinder lock has earned its fame largely through its versatility, standard additions are easily replaced as the lock is sustained by a single screw. With this feature, replacing a damaged lock can be done without compromising the integrity of the door. 


All euro-cylinder locks are ideal for the master key system which is commonly utilised by managers, caretakers and property owners of large buildings to access multiple rooms. Each room will have a lock that fits a minimum of two keys, one of which will be the master key. Whoever is in charge of the building will have the master key and can enter multiple rooms for maintenance, cleaning, inspection or emergencies. This system is most appropriate for schools, hotels, multi-story flats, public buildings and offices.  


The euro-cylinder lock comes in three variants which are usually selected based on personal preference and practicality. The single-cylinder is relatively standard based on its one-way locking system. Double-ended locks are more favourable as their two-way locking system provides greater accessibility. The thumb-turn option is also very popular because of its convenience, the outside is lockable by key whilst the inside uses a rotating hand-controlled mechanism. This saves any inside occupants from retrieving their keys to open the door.  


Why choose 3 Star Euro Cylinder Locks?


Whilst standard Euro cylinder locks are convenient and versatile, many of them are vulnerable to lock snapping which involves tools used to damage and pry the lock from its position. To ensure that your property is well protected against this form of forced entry, you will need a lock that is anti-bump, anti-drill and, of course, anti-snap. The 3-star name for these particular euro cylinder locks refers to the three stars engraved on the locks themselves. These are issued by the British Standard Institution and are a clear indicator that the lock possesses additional security features. For more information please read “ What are ABS keys?” and “How secure is an ABS lock?”. 


Euro-cylinder locks at meridian security systems


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