What are ABS keys?

Unlock the doors with ABS keys


What separates ABS Hardware from a traditional lock and key is its higher level of security. ABS locks provide an added layer of protection against lock snapping, which is a common method that intruders will use to infiltrate your home. To find out more about how ABS locks can protect you from this, please read ‘How secure is an ABS lock?’. To put it simply, ABS keys are the only way to access doors fitted with these locks. They are not so easily replicated as a specific code is required for them to be cut into their intended shape by an ABS approved locksmith. The codes your keys are cut from can work for any door they are assigned to within your home, so long as they possess the right locks. An ABS lock will only respond to the key created from its corresponding code, similar to how a regular lock is only compatible with a key that fits its shape. 


The advantages of ABS keys


ABS keys are very reliable in terms of their ability to open and close a door with their assigned ABS lock. The code system makes each key unique and difficult to copy which adds to their highly secure qualities. The key can respond to numerous locks that share the same code, this can be done by a request to an official ABS locksmith. A single ABS key assigned to more than one lock can provide convenient access to your home and outbuildings without the trouble of carrying and organising multiple keys at once. Registering your ABS key code gives you better control over your security, for instance, you can prevent more keys from being cut under the same code that may be used for many other properties. This precautionary measure is known as key control service and it ensures that only you and other trusted associates are able to cut and use an ABS key without the fear of an unknown individual creating a replica. With your code card kept safe, it is unlikely for your key codes to be copied or recorded as the ABS key itself cannot visibly reveal them, therefore a cover cap is not essential. For multiple residents, numerous keys can be made from one code and there is essentially no limit to how many you can get cut for your needs. As a personal touch, you can also select a comfort grip colour of your choice, these options come in red, blue, yellow, green and traditional orange with no extra costs. 


ABS keys at Meridian Security Systems


At Meridian Security Systems, we supply a wide range of ABS hardware to suit all of your security needs. Please view our key cutting page to view ABS products such as Avocet ABS MK3 Ultimate and Avocet master. Browse our site to find an abundance of ABS euro cylinder locks to match your chosen key. We also offer free standard UK delivery for purchases over £55. Call us now at 0113 259 1538 or find us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.