Types of Yale Locks

Yale Locks for quality and security

If you are stumped on finding the right lock to boost your security then look no further than Yale. For any doors that you feel need added protection, Yale can provide a specific lock to improve your defence with extra convenience in terms of functionality and installation. For the properties you want to keep safe, you have a wide variety of interior and exterior locks for your home and outbuildings to choose from. For instance, if you are looking to secure every door within an office block, you may wish to consider a Yale digital lock and night latch. Perhaps you are needing to fortify your home with a premium piece of hardware, if that’s the case then take a look at a Yale Platinum 3 star cylinder for added security and anti-snap/drill protection.


The greatest locks of Yale


  • Digital Locks/ Smart Locks- With Yale, you are not just getting a reliable digital lock, you are getting a marvel in wireless security technology that offers more control and convenience at your fingertips. Through a key tag, keypad or smartphone, you can secure your property, monitor the lock’s usage and provide virtual keys to any trusted associates. In short, access to your home or buildings is solely in your hands without the need for a physical key. Depending on which lock you choose, you may also receive useful accessories for further control such as key cards and remote fobs. Remember to search through Meridian Security System’s Digi locks page to find great choices on Yale brand digital/ smart locks. 


  • Euro Cylinder Locks- Yale features a variety of pin tumbler locks from Euro Double Cylinder to Euro Turn Cylinder, what is most important is finding the right one for you. Like many other Yale security products, a euro cylinder lock is easy to install and difficult for intruders to pick. We at Meridian Security System recommend the Yale Platinum 3 Star Cylinder if you are looking for that little extra level of protection. With those three shiny stars certified by British Standard Institute, you will have a lock reinforced against lock drilling, lock bumping and lock snapping. You can also find our online exclusive Yale brand 3-star keys on our key cutting page.


  • Nightlatches- Oneof the most noticeable products on Meridian Security System is our range of Yale Nightlatches. Available in a variety of colours and styles, these highly effective door locks make an excellent addition to your security. Like most other locks, they are accessible by key but a Yale brand lock also possesses features such as an indoor handle to prevent automatic locking and a deadlock button which is commonly known as the Yale lock. This provides more control in terms of accessibility without relying too much on your keys. 


Yale locks at Meridian Security Systems


At Meridian Security Systems, we supply a wide range of hardware to suit all of your security needs. If you visit our locks page, remember to click the Yale link to find great choices on products that add so much protection to your property. Browse our site to find an abundance of Yale locks and keys. We also offer free standard UK delivery for purchases over £55. Call us now at 0113 259 1538 or find us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.