Types of safes

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At Meridian Security Systems, we have an extensive and diverse range of safes designed to protect your valuable possessions and fit into any space for your convenience. In our list, you will find a number of unique options that are more than capable of defending items such as laptops, keys, phones and any other belongings you wish to protect against theft or damage. Your choice will ultimately depend upon what you are wanting to store, many safes can come in a variety of sizes to accommodate the scale and quantity of your precious items. All safes found in Meridian’s selection features two high-quality brands known as BURG-WACHTER and Sterling. 


Types of safes


Digital safes- Large or small, all digital safes are well equipped to protect your belongings with their solid steel structures and programmable electronic combination locks. Some examples differ in terms of their design and size but some digital safes possess certain features that add to their many secure qualities. For example, the BURG-WACHTER XL freestanding digital safe not only includes a secure steel body and electronic lock but also a finger scan module and anti-drill plate in the door frame.


Fire-resistant safes- Apart from theft, fire can pose a threat to your treasured belongings. As such, you will need a safe with either fire-resistant insulation or 30 to 60-minute fire protection. In the event of a blaze, this will protect any important items kept in your safe. The BURG-WACHTER metallic silver fire-resistant safe would be an ideal example as it possesses 60-minute fire protection and fire activated door swell.


Laptop/hotel safes- Laptop and hotel safes are typically medium-sized as they are intended for small or thin items of value. Laptop safes are designed to be particularly wide in order to suit the broad structure of a variety of laptops. Most hotel safes are slightly taller and less wide, they are built primarily to store items that are small, essential and also too valuable to leave laying on a hotel bed or nightstand. 


Key safes- Most key safes come in a variety of sizes depending on the number of keys you are looking to store. If you want to keep only 3 or 4 keys safe, you could use the Sterling combination locking key minder key safe. This small key safe is the perfect failsafe for situations where you cannot find your primary house key and require a spare that is not easy for criminals to acquire. Larger key safes are designed to store multiple keys at once and are commonly used for properties with a large number of rooms such as buildings, offices, schools and multi-story flats.


Gun Safes- The gun safes you will find on Meridian are designed to be tall enough to accommodate the size of rifles and guns with a maximum height of 1220mm or 1241mm if you wish to exclude the interior shelf. Examples such as the BURG-WACHTER electronic gun safe have enough space to store ammunition and smaller handguns. 


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At Meridian Security Systems, we supply a wide range of hardware to suit all of your security needs. If you visit our safes section, you can find security products built to store and protect large and small valuables from theft and fire damage. We also offer free standard UK delivery for purchases over £55. Call us now at 0113 259 1538 or find us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.