Types of Asec locks

For 19 years since the brand's launch, Asec has produced a broad selection of high-quality products to meet the needs of many who require security for their property. As a trusted figure in the locksmith and ironmongery industry nationwide, the company strives to provide the right solutions for its clients. A prime example from their extensive range is their locks. Asec has multiple categories for a number of different lock types, this includes cylinders, night latches, garage door locks, shutter locks, mortice locks, digital locks, bolts and additional locking systems for your doors and windows.

Asec cylinder locks

When it comes to cylinders from Asec, you will be spoilt for choice. There are at least five separate categories for this range and for most of them, you have the option to select a 5-pin or 6-pin Asec lock. This range consists of euro cylinders, oval cylinders, rim cylinders, screw-in cylinders and specialist cylinders with specific features. The screw-in version is considered to be a good mid-range cylinder commonly used with metal door locks. Rim cylinders are more suited to work with rim night latches and are said to have a good entry-level. The ovals are Scandinavian cylinders designed to work with Scandinavian lock cases, some also include a thumb turn feature. The euro cylinders are by far Asec's most sought after locks, with some built in numerous sizes and designs to accommodate certain doors.

Night latches

Asec has multiple night latch options from auto deadlocking to roller bolts. Night latches are generally designed to provide an added locking system for your door that helps protect against forced entry. The most common options for night latches are the auto deadlock, deadlock, non-deadlock and roller bolt. Deadlocking provides additional security for doors fitted with a night latch, it ensures protection against slide attacks and credit card based forced entry. Roller bolts are more for easier access as well as security, their push/pull action is built to prevent accidental lockout. All options come in unique designs with finishes including satin chrome, polished brass and dull metal grey.

Mortice locks

Asec produces a variety of mortice locks to suit different doors such as bathroom doors, fire doors and even metal doors. No matter what door you need them for, they can provide easy access for all homeowners. Some options include a deadlocking mechanism for added security. If you would like to find out more about Asec door latches, please read 'What is an Asec door latch?'. If you are looking to find out how to measure and install a door latch, read 'How to measure for a door latch' and 'How to fit a door latch'

Digital locks

Digital locks are typically found in office buildings and public establishments that have rooms with restricted access, they ensure that only those with knowledge of a set code can enter. We supply Asec digital locks in polished brass and satin chrome. Both products come with an optional hold open facility and an easy to change code system.

Asec locks by Meridian Security

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