How to measure for a door latch

Door latch measuring 

Measuring for the right latch depends upon the make you select and the door you are using, it is also the most crucial stage during the fitting process. If installing a latch is done without measuring then you are likely to end up with complications involving alignment errors and disproportions that make your door incapable of shutting. This could permanently damage your door and force you to replace which could be expensive. To learn more about how to fit a door latch, please read “How to fit a door latch”

During the fitting stage, the only tools you will need to care out your measurements is a simple tape measure and a pencil. The size of the latch ultimately depends upon what you have selected for your door. Many latches differ and their shape can vary based on what doors they are designed for. For example, the Union Brass 76mm oval night latch is designed to accommodate doors that are up to 48mm thick whereas the Union brass 80mm tubular latch is ideal for timber doors hinged on either left or right. One of the most important measurements to look for when purchasing the latch is the backset, this determines at what distance the latch’s spindle hole and the door handle will meet. Identifying this measurement makes it easier to determine where the centre of the doorknob will be placed. For instance, if a tubular mortice latch has a backset of 57mm then you would need to drill a hole 3 inches (57mm) away from the edge of the door. The latch spindle hole and the handle spindle need to align properly, so the height between of latch and the floor should apply to the door handle. Common examples are at least one metre from the floor or between three to four feet. The drill holes for the handle and latch should share the same height for the components to align properly, otherwise, the two will not be able to join. This also applies to the striking plate that keeps the bolt in place when the door is shut, the hole for this component must also align with where the latch will meet the door frame. Measuring out the latch’s faceplate for the edge of the door requires an outline to be drawn out around where the latch itself will fit. Outlining helps to know where to chisel the shape so the frame is not sticking out of the edge of the door. When chiselling, be careful not to remove too much of the door's wood as the depth of the shape could affect how well the latch faceplate is screwed into the door edge. 

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