FAQ - ABS Locks and Keys

What is an ABS key?

An ABS key is cut specifically to suit an ABS lock. Unlike traditional keys that feature a vertically cut sawtooth pattern on the edge. An ABS key uses telescopic twin key cuts on the face that correspond to the internal pin tumbler mechanism of the ABS lock. This unique design is what adds to the many security of the ABS key. If you are interested in learning more about the qualities of this product, please read ‘What are ABS keys?' and find our additional ABS cylinder keys online today. 

What is an ABS Lock?

An ABS lock is a TS007 3-star sold secure diamond euro-cylinder lock with a telescopic a pin tumbler mechanism with hardened and patented internal cam design for protection against lock snapping, picking, drilling and bumping. This highly secure product can only be unlocked by an ABS key that is specially cut to a specific code, from your own unique key holder card. If you would like to learn more about the many benefits of ABS locks, please read ‘How secure is an ABS lock?’ and search our extensive range of Avocet ABS MK3 Ultimate products today. 

Where do I go if I need more ABS keys?

Meridian Security an ABS Elite Centre, with over 10 years experience in ABS key cutting. Your additional ABS keys are manufactured from genuine ABS key blanks using state of the art machinery from the unique code on your keycard. 

Do ABS keys come in different colours?

The comfort grip of an ABS key typically comes in black with a secondary colour of your choice, this can be orange, red, blue, green and yellow. 

What do the 3 stars mean on an ABS lock?

The Kitemark 3 stars engraved on ABS locks relate to TS007 which is the the British Standard for these types of locks. It is an indication of a high security product. This mark basically shows that the lock has gone through numerous tests that prove it is reinforced against snapping, drilling, bumping and picking. It then has undergone independent testing by Sold Secure and has reached the diamond security standard. Sold Secure is an independent test house made up of locksmiths and The Police who rigorously and further to a high standard.

Can I have an ABS Cylinders to work on one key?

Yes you can, ABS locks can be specially ordered as keyed alike. This means you can receive multiple locks that are assembled to the same code and correspond to a single key. Keyed alike locks can be ordered through ABS Elite Centres, Meridian Security are one of these.

How long will it take for my ABS keys to be delivered?

We offer various delivery options. Please read our delivery policy for further information. 

What delivery address should I use?

We advise customers who are having keys cut to code not to have the key/ keys delivered to the address they are to be used for. We send all parcels on a secure signed for service, but advise for extra security that you have the items delivered to an alternative address. 

What ABS products does Meridian Security sell?

Meridian security systems feature an extensive range of 3-star Avocet ABS locks in polished brass and chrome. From traditional double-ended to Quantum format-thumb turn euro cylinders, you can find an abundance of ABS locks in a variety of sizes to suit your doors and our ABS key cutting service ensures you have the right key from your code. We sell a full range of ABS padlocks and other related security hardware. Order online or call us today at 0113 259 1538. You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.