All About ABS Key Cutting

ABS keys are cut to suit Avocet 3-star euro cylinder locks, their unique design and cutting method is what contributes to the highly secure quality of this brand. ABS key cutting relies on a special code assigned to your ABS cylinder lock, with this, you can acquire as many keys as you need for your property. This system is one of the many things that separates Avocet ABS from the traditional lock and key products.

How secure are ABS keys?

Even the securest locks in the world need quality keys and the Avocet ABS key adds so much to the many protective qualities of the famed 3-star cylinder lock. All ABS locks are designed with a complex internal pin-tumbler mechanism and snap secure cam. This system is thoroughly tested to ensure your property is well protected against lock picking, drilling and snapping. Therefore, the only thing capable of accessing this reinforced lock is the right ABS key. 

Where to get ABS keys cut

ABS key cutting can be done at any Avocet ABS elite centre such as Meridian Security. If you are close or able to commute to an ABS locksmith, you can submit your code to receive your new keys. If you are not local or cannot find the time to visit, you can easily order additional keys on the centre's ABS key cutting web page. Simply type in the code, specify how many you want to purchase, select your favourite colour and proceed to the check out. With Meridian's standard delivery service, your ABS keys would arrive within 2-4 working days from dispatch date.

ABS key cutting

All ABS keys are cut from the same unique codes as their corresponding locks. Upon purchasing an ABS euro-cylinder lock, you are provided with a code card that guarantees more locks and keys can be made at your request. An Avocet ABS elite centre such as Meridian Security can cut additional and replacement keys from this code using genuine ABS key blanks and state-of-the-art machinery. So long as you have access to these numbers, you can control how many locks and keys are produced and who has access to them.

How does an ABS key work?

As we all know, a traditional key unlocks a door through the shapes on its side. An ABS key, however, is cut with circular shapes on the face that are compatible with the pin-tumbler system of the ABS lock. The pins within the lock's complex mechanism fit with this unique cut which allows the user to turn the highly secure cam and open the door.

ABS keys with style

When placing an order for new ABS keys, you can request a comfort grip in any colour of your choice. Your options include traditional orange/black, red/black, blue/black, green/black and yellow/black.

ABS keys from Meridian Security

Meridian provides a reliable ABS key cutting service to anyone who requires additional or replacement ABS keys. If you are unable to order at our centre, please visit our ABS key cutting page and submit your code. With our standard UK delivery, your ABS keys should arrive within 2-4 working days from the dispatch date. Standard delivery is £6.95 but is free for orders over £80.